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Furyan Kennels is owned and operated by Joanne Crockett of Ontario, Canada.  I share a love for all furry friends but am hopelessly devoted to Rottweilers. 

I got my first rottweiler while working at and living in a veterinary hospital.  You see I was the resident animal tehnician.  Any animals requiring treatement or observation during the closed hours, I was there. I also was there in case of emergencies in the "off hours". 

A breeder came to the Hospital with a female Rottie having difficulty with her labour. A C-section and 12 puppies later (15 in total -3 passed away in the birthing canal), I was in love with the new mom. 

To make the whole process a little shorter, at the puppies' last appointment, the breeder offered a puppy of my choice to me. I was beyond thrilled. After this day, my life has never been without a rottweiler and never will be.

That puppy is Kajunn pictured to the right.  He has since passed away. 
March 21, 1993 - Dec 26, 2001.

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