Rottweiler 101 (click)

These dogs are no nonsense creatures who need lots of attention and training.

Please view this video, courtesy of Brooklyn's Corner, to make sure this is the breed for your lifestyle.

All About it: Rottweiler (click)

Notoriously fearsome, Rottweilers have an inherent desire to protect their home and family. 

Here is another video from Animal Planet. One family's view on the Rottweiler and why they chose it to be part of their family.

Highly Trainable (Rottwieler) (click)


CKC Standard (click)

The Canadian Kennel Club's standard for the Rottweiler. 

Used by the Rottweiler Club of Canada
AKC Standard (click)

The American Kennel Club's standard for the Rottweiler.

Used by the American Rottweiler Club.
FCI Standard (click)

The Federation Cynologique Internationale's standard for the Rottweiler. 

This standard is used by the German Kennel Club, the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen

Used by the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub

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