In an effort to get to know more about prospective puppy homes we ask that you take a moment to fill out our Puppy Questionnaire.

This is simply another way for us to make sure each puppy is placed in the home best suited to his/her needs and personality.

My pups deserve the best - the best homes, the best owners, the best food and the best love. As a breeder, I've spent countless hours researching pedigrees, dogs, doing health tests, attending dog related activities to ensure the puppies I produce are quality, healthy, and sound.


In other excellent companion for your family. This is what I would expect if I were to purchase a puppy from a breeder.

Furyan Rottweilers reserves the right to turn down any homes not deemed suitable for our puppies.

Completing this questionnaire does not guarantee you a puppy. It is only the beginning of the interview process.

Full Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number;
Street Address & Apartment/Unit #
City, State/Province & Country
Zip /Postal Code
You live in a(n) House
Rent or Own your home Rent
If you live in a Condo, have you verified if the committee will allow a rottweiler to live there? Yes
Not yet
Where will you let your dog exercise and eliminate? Backyard
Local park
Neighbourhood streets
ALL locations
Please tell us a little about your family. How many adults reside in your home? How many children and what are their ages?
Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies? Who in the family and what kind of allergy(ies)?

We do not discriminate against families with small children. However, new owners should be aware that there is a possibility a large Rottweiler puppy may accidentally knock over small children.

Average hours your Rottweiler will be left alone 0 - 3 hours
3 - 6 hours
6 - 9 hours
What provisions will be made for the dog if left alone for a long period of time?

We require all owners to be well aware of any health issues or growth problems that may arise before you gain possession of your puppy.

Have you owned a Rottweiler before? Yes
If you answered YES; Tell us about your Rottweiler and what happened to him/her?
If you answered NO; What makes you want a Rottweiler? What do you know about the Rottweiler? Have you spent time with the breed?
What are the care requirements (grooming, exercise, socializing, training, health & nutrition) of a Rottweiler?
Please describe what the different expenses will be for your new puppy? Please provide how much you expect to spend in 1 year for this puppy.

Due to the Breed bans in many areas, we recommend successful applicants have their Rottweiler complete a Canine Good Neighbour test or any equivalent temperament test.

Are you familiar with the term "Breed Specific Legislation"? Yes
Do you know of any active breed bans for Rottweilers in your area? Yes, these is
Not for the Rottweiler
No Breed ban at all
Have not looked into it
In order to keep the Rottweiler off the BSL list, would you be willing to successfully complete 2 obedience courses and have your puppy/dog obtain a Canine Good Neighbour certificate? Yes
What type of activity level do you prefer in a dog? Active
Middle of the road
Laid back
Please choose interest; Companion/pet
Therapy dog
Breeding prospect
Other then the Interests chosen above, what do you like to do with your dog(s)? Do you want a nice house dog? Do you like to bike, hike, jog with your pet?
Gender Preference Male
No preference


Please list all pets that are currently living in your household. Include the breed (if a dog) and ages. Do they live inside the house all the time?
What breeds of dogs have you previously owned, and what happened to them?
In the space below please provide us with three (3) references. Full names and contact information.
Please provide your Veterinarian as one of your references. Full Clinic and Veterinarian name and contact information.
Are you willing to abide by a contract that includes things such as expectations, registration, health, non-breeding, and general care requirements? Yes
How did you hear of Furyan Kennels?
Your message for us:

I certify that the information provided on this form is true & correct. I am also financially and physically able to care for this animal. I understand that proper food and veterinarian care can be costly and I am able to meet these requirements.

If upon inspection we find that information contained in this questionnaire to be false, we retain the right to turn you down as a prospective puppy buyer from us.

Electronic Signature

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire.  We will contact you closer to when we plan on breeding.

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